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James T. Lewis Home

One of the homes built by Columbusí most notable citizen, James T. Lewis (1819-1904) is shown here, his Victorian Italianate-style mansion on West James at Charles Street. Lewis, Wisconsinís ninth governor, arrived with his wife, Orlina, from New York in 1845.† In 1854 he built this cream-colored brick home, sparing some beautiful oak trees, by design, but spent little time in it because of his political career.† He shortly sold it to his brother William whose family and descendants occupied it until 1917.† Frederick A. Stareís family then lived in until 2005 when Kathleen and Mark Garwick purchased it, and have restored it and the surrounding grounds to host weddings, corporate meetings and galas. When Lewis returned to Columbus upon retirement, he occupied his other homeóthe 1856 Greek Revival across Charles Street which became the site of Columbusí first hospital.