Images of America-Columbus
Janice R. Ulrich

Images of America Columbus

Janice R. Ulrich has lived in the Columbus, Wisconsin area most of her life and is a longtime member of the Columbus Historic Landmarks and Preservation Commission. Only in retirement did she discover her aptitude for searching for meaningful old photographs of her hometown, discerning their significance, and writing about them in a way that makes discovery of information entertaining reading.

Her first book, "Images of America-Columbus," relates the city's history from its founding in 1839 on the banks of the Crawfish River by Major Elbert Dickason and Lewis Ludington, to approximately 1950. The city services, businesses, and people that shaped the community into a thriving entity are highlighted in this volume. Using 200 archival photographs, the character of the community is revealed via image with caption. The "old chestnuts" are interspersed with some current photographs, and together, they all illuminate Columbus' past.

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